Master Degree in the Biotechnology of Human Assisted Reproduction and Embryology

14.ª Edición - Código 20721131



Teaching methods are based on virtual lessons which employ slides with a voice-over to help improve their understanding, supplementary resources in additional materials that allow the professors to complement their teaching, such as multimedia materials, video broadcasts through videostreaming, PowerPoint files, PDF files, audio files, slides, image gallery, schedules, etc.

There are also tutorials for continuous assessment that will be used to verify to what extent the students have assimilated the information, and also to take standardized tests, explore practical cases and explain essay questions, etc. which are all intertwined in the contents and related to the most important aspects of the course.
This set of activities will be tutored and assessed by the corresponding professors. The program will end with a dissertation based on writing a review and a bibliographical research paper that will afford a deeper knowledge of the contents.

The Virtual Classroom enables a close relationship between students and professor and also provides a dynamic way to teach. This service is compatible with all web browsers and operating systems, and students will have a personal code to log on to the online course.

Virtual education allows access to lifelong learning, breaking the barriers of space and time, and allows students to easily combine their daily activities and personal obligations with their educational interests, so providing training anytime, any place and anywhere.

The communication between the participants on the course takes place on forums that allow them to share files and messages. The aim of these forums is to be a meeting point for all the students and professors, allowing discussions about current aspects related to the program contents, to bring up any doubts of a general nature and to pass on the publication of press articles related to the subject-matter, etc.

The virtual classroom service has a videoconferencing system for meetings, webcasts and webinars. Students will also have one of the professors appointed as their personal tutor for any other type of consultation.

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